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2008 ACM South Central USA Regional Programming Contest



Rank Name Solved Time
1 ACU Purple (ACU) 1 2
2 Bumkin Legacy (U Texas) 1 3
2 LSU II (LSU) 1 3
2 Texas A&M White (Texas A&M) 1 3
5 Team Rowdy (McNeese) 1 4
5 TLE (U Texas) 1 4
7 Cowbyte 0 (Oklahoma State U) 1 5
7 Patriots Orange (UT Tyler) 1 5
9 Threes Complement (UT Arlington) 1 6
10 Cross Compilers (Baylor U.) 1 7
10 Rice Blue (Rice) 1 7
10 Stars (UT Dallas) 1 7
10 Trinity Team 2 (Trinity U.) 1 7
10 TTU Happy Hackers (Texas Tech) 1 7
10 TTU Red Raiders (Texas Tech) 1 7
Honorable Mention
ACU Clear (ACU)
ACU White (ACU)
Birds of Prey (Lamar Univ.)
Bounded Waiting (Baylor U.)
Bronchos (UCO)
C-x M-c M-butterfly (Tulsa)
Cardinals (Lamar Univ.)
Check Bits (McNeese)
Comets (UT Dallas)
Cowbyte 1 (Oklahoma State U)
Curly Brackets (Baylor U.)
Dakota Debuggers (MSU)
ECU Tigers - Black (ECU)
Frogs (TCU)
Haggard Hackers (U Oklahoma)
Horn Frogs (TCU)
Irony Barbecue (U Oklahoma)
LeNeau (LeTourneau)
Meteors (UT Dallas)
OC Stars (Okla. Christian)
OC Talons (Okla. Christian)
On Par (U Texas)
ORU Blue (ORU)
Patriots Blue (UT Tyler)
Pumping Lemma (UT Arlington)
Rice Gray (Rice)
Rooks (UT Arlington)
SMU Blue (SMU)
su pirata informatico (Southwestern U)
su root (Southwestern U)
Super Awesome Cool Computing Machines (UCO)
Team Turing (McNeese)
Texas A&M Aggies (Texas A&M)
Texas A&M Maroon (Texas A&M)
Triforce (Tulsa)
Trinity Team 1 (Trinity U.)
UNT Even Meaner Green (UNT)
UNT Mean Green (UNT)
UTPA Team 01 (UT-Pan American)
UTPA Team 10 (UT-Pan American)
Warhawks One (ULM Indians)
Description of the "Finals" report: Standings as they are displayed at the conclusion of the ACM ICPC World Finals - Penalty Points are considered and displayed only for the top ten teams; the remaining teams who have solved at least the median number of problems are grouped alphabetically by number solved; the rest of the teams are listed as "Honorable Mention".